The Journey Ahead: Becoming an Antiracist Youth Development Organization is a comprehensive learning experience where organizations and individuals can get the information, inspiration, and practical guidance to build a program rooted in antiracist practice.

The three-month virtual series includes 20+ trainings tailored for youth development practitioners, coordinators, managers and directors.

This training series is designed to follow the Youth Development Framework.

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February 25–May 14, 2021 | Pacific Time

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All sessions will be hosted LIVE on Zoom.

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If you have never used Zoom before, download the software. We recommend that, before your first training, do a test meeting to set system preferences and troubleshoot technical issues.

Session recordings will be available on our website within one week, and available for up to one year.


Anyone around the world is welcome to participate!

This is for youth development organizations and youth development practitioners. If you work in out-of-school time, after school, or community-based organizations, The Journey Ahead: Becoming an Antiracist Youth Development Organization is for you.


All sessions offer live stream automated transcription operated by Otter.ai.

Contact Shelley Kuang at shelley@bethechangeconsulting.com to request accessible slide decks ahead of time.

Be The Change Consulting

Founded in 2010, Be the Change Consulting is a woman-of-color-owned, BIPOC-staffed, for-profit organization located in Oakland, California. We specialize in equity and inclusion, youth development, and capacity building. We have over 15 years of experience working in the field of youth development as consultants, teachers and educators, after school program staff, and more.


Fong Marcolongo (she/her)

  • Chinese/Vietnamese Woman.
  • First Generation Everything.
  • Navigating the world and receiving the blessings from those who sacrificed so much for me.
  • Trying to do right by them. 
  • Product and pride of intergenerational trauma.
  • A mother who is processing her intergeneration trauma working to rewrite her narrative. 
  • Youth Practitioner to the core. 
  • Social Justice Holder. 
  • Abled bodied person who is learning about the privileges freely given to me.

Rooben Morgan (he/him)

  • Seasoned afterschool professional. Youth Worker. 
  • Full-time breather, & Part-time actor.
  • Helping educators and leaders to learn how to be gardeners, not farmers.
  • Working to unite afterschool professionals and practices.
  • Coaching people to level-up.

“From Compulsion to Consciousness” 

Marquis Engle (he/him)

  • Nigerian-Irish American.
  • Man of Color.
  • Visual-Performance Artist and Orator.
  • Possibility Thinker and Creator.

“I use my vision, vocabulary and vulnerability to build bridges between people and ideas that engenders wellness as creativity.”

Jenjii Hysten (she/her)

  • African-American, My family is the American melting pot. 
  • I have two sons whose existence as Black boys in America, who make me get up everyday to try to make sure they will inherit a better place. This work is personal.
  • Wife and business partner to an amazing human.
  • I am social justice: FIrst to college, lifted from poverty, successful Black business woman, first on many.
  • Transformative coach and consultant, people call me when they are ready to do the work not just talk about it. 
  • New Author, I took my stories of loving Black men and created art… More books to come
  • I take my trauma and innovate a better world for me and any one else willing to listen.

Franklin Hysten (he/him)

  • African-American, Father of Black Boys.
  • Husband to amazing Black Entrepreneur
  • Emerging from poverty.
  • Navigating a culture of anti-blackness while fighting for social justice.
  • True Believer in Youth Development.
  • A helicopter parent who is trying to give his sons their best chance to be educated.
  • Student of leadership and coach to emerging leaders.
  • Abled bodied person who is  learning about the privileges freely given to me.

Jae Maldonado (he/him/el)

  • Transmasculine
  • Queer
  • First Generation Ecuadorian
  • Activist
  • Youth and Immigrant Advocate
  • Dog Dad to Snoopy
  • I support professionals of color to transform the education, health and workforce sectors.

Shelley Kuang (she/they)

Facilitator/Zoom Host
  • Child of southern Chinese working class immigrants.
    Born and raised on unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land aka San Francisco, Bayview.
  • Proud auntie,
    Joyously witnessing babies lead.
  • Dancer on hiatus,
    Slowly returning to my body.
  • Transformative Justice believer,
    Dreaming of a free, uncaged world.
  • Trusting the process of healing, growing, loving.

Naima Porter (she/they)

Zoom Host
  • Black Femme 
  • Daughter to a strong single black mother.
  • Mother to a beautiful fluffy cat named Toast.
  • Artist and Creative.
  • Hard thinker and big dreamer.
  • Expert thrift shopper. 
  • Student.  

Corey Hollis (he/him)

Zoom Host
  • Afro-American Florida native.
  • Loving Son, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Friend, Team mate, and Competitor.
  • First Generation college graduate.
  • Future First Generation Doctoral graduate.
  • I never leave home without a book, pen, or paper.
  • Lover of life, learning, positive change in action, equitable equality, and loving people.
  • Avid poet and journal writer.
  • And professional healer.



Step 1: An organizational leader selects a plan to register their organization.

Step 2: The leader completes a training roster with names and email addresses of participating employees.

Step 3: The leader should email participating employees. Look for a confirmation email from us with a sample email.

Step 4: Participating employees will receive an automated email. They’ll click on the special registration link to register for trainings.

Step 5: After participating employees register, they can access the My Trainings section, where you can find materials, Zoom links, and the add-to-calendar feature.* 


Purchase Individual Passes for any of the trainings or healing sessions.

After your registration is complete, click on your unique access link or log in to access the My Trainings section, where you can find materials, Zoom links, and the add-to-calendar feature.*

*If you can’t access the My Trainings section, use the special access URL emailed to you, or log in again with the access code.


Contact Fong Marcolongo at fong@bethechangeconsulting.com or Shelley Kuang at shelley@bethechangeconsulting.com.

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